Repair Services

Wheel Works

Wheel alignment, balancing, and fluid maintenance. The estimated turnaround time is very fast.

Painting Works

Scratch, Half, Body and Total painting of your car will be done by our professional painters.

Air Conditioner

Troubleshoot cooling issues, filter, refill, and repair your car air conditioner within a short time.


Pumps, hoses, and cable problems may be frustrating, we will diagnose your car for an easy fix

Engine Works

We make engine maintenance and repair not complicated, our engineers fix engine problems.

Lube Oil & Filters

Oil change, engine filter, power steering, brake oil, and proper lubrication for a smooth engine.

Brake Repairs

Durable break pads, diligently replaced, guaranteed to last and installed by our team of specialists.

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Belts & Hoses

Timing belt and hoses that can cause noises in your car, contact us to get a repair schedule.

Schedule For Service

    * Our engineers will contact you within 24 hours now onwards.

    Service Hours
    • Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm
    • Sunday Closed

    * All public holidays are closed.

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